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Dr Stuarts Apple & Ginger Tea (15 bags)


Apple and Ginger is a warming blend of apple, ginger and cinnamon made with 100% natural flavours.

Dr Stuarts Liver Detox Tea (15 bags)


A detoxifying herbal infusion including dandelion root, centaury herb, and milk thistle to support liver function.

Dr Stuarts Slim Plus Tea (15 bags)


A delightful tea made with fennel, linden leaves and galangal root and is believed to suppress the appetite.

Dr Stuarts Throat Relief Tea (15 bags)


A soothing herbal infusion including cinnamon and marshmallow root to help coat the throat.

Dr Stuarts Tranquility Tea (15 bags)


A unique herbal tea blend – created by Dr Malcolm Stuart – including herbs to DAB 10 grade – Dr Stuarts are the only brand in the World to use herbs to this quality – for guaranteed freshness cleanliness and maximum essential oil level.