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Amy’s Kitchen Organic Low Fat Lentil Soup (400 g)


This delicious soup has a rich, satisfying flavour and the lentils are a good source of protein.

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Hearty Quinoa Kale & Red Lentil Soup (400 g)


This soup has packed with plant power from organic red lentils, kale, quinoa, and veggies.

Amy’s Kitchen Organic Hearty Rustic Italian Vegetable Soup (400 g)


This recipe includes organic ceci beans (that’s Italian for chickpeas), vegetables, brown rice, mushrooms, and traditional herbs.

Biona Coconut Whipping Cream (400 ml)


Made using fresh, organic coconuts, this dairy-free alternative simply needs to be chilled overnight before you get whipping.

Biona Organic Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce (350 g)


Our Biona Organic Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce delivers a true taste of Italy. Made from a sumptuous blend of organic tomatoes and red peppers, this fiery sauce captures the spice and mouthwatering aromas that have made arrabbiata a staple in Italian cooking. Simply add to pasta for a delicious, authentic Italian meal.

Biona Organic Condensed Coconut Milk (210 g)


A dairy free coconut alternative for traditional sweetened condensed milk.

Biona Organic Corn Cakes No Salt (110 g)


Certified Organic Ingredients. Wholegrain and gluten free.

Biona Organic Gherkins (350 g)


Delicious addition to a veggie burger, as a side dish with a BBQ or with cheese on toast. Also mustard seeds are included and no added cane or beet sugar.

Biona Organic Gherkins With Garlic (350 g)


With Garlic now come in jars with BPA-free lids. Gherkins with added garlic are a delicious addition to a veggie burger, as a side dish with a BBQ, or with cheese on toast!

Biona Organic Original Mayonnaise Squeezy (250 ml)


Biona Gluten Free and organic mayonnaise come in a convenient bottle. Made with free range eggs.

Biona Organic Rice & Sunflower Seed Bread (500 g)


Organic Rice & Sunflower Bread is traditionally made in Germany by organic bakers and perfect as part of a gluten-free diet. Produced in a dedicated gluten-free bakery and routinely batch tested for gluten.

Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Amaranth (100 g)


Organic, wholegrain and gluten free rice cakes.

Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Quinoa (100 g)


Organic, gluten free and wholegrain.

Biona Organic Rice Cakes With Sea Salt (100 g)


Organic, wholegrain and gluten free.

Biona Organic Rice Cakes, No Salt (100 g)


Organic, wholegrain and gluten-free. No added salt

Biona Organic Sour Snakes (75g)

  • Free from gelatin.
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Organic , Vegan, Diary Free, Wheat Free, Gluten Free
  • It is certified organic ingredients.

Biona Organic White Tahini (170 g)


Biona organic tahini is made using hulled sesame seeds for extra smooth texture. Since we do not use palm fat or emulsifiers, the seed oil may separate – this does not affect the quality – simply mix back in to restore the creamy consistency.

Clearspot Marinated Tofu (190 g)


Marinated in special blend of nine spices for a fuller flavour

Clearspot Organic Plain Tofu (280 g)


It’s just simply plain tofu and nothing more.

Clearspot Smoked Tofu (225 g)


Naturally smoked over beechwood chipping in smoking kiln with just a pinch of sea salt

Clearspring Organic Gluten free Brown Rice Noodles (200 g)

  • Organic, gluten-free Brown Rice Noodles
  • 100% Wholegrain with no binding agents
  • Low fat
  • Source of fibre and iron
  • Simply soak for 10 mins in boiling hot water
  • Free From egg, wheat and gluten

Clearspring Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Wide Noodles (200 g)

  • Organic, gluten-free Brown Rice Wide Noodles
  •  Free From Egg, Wheat & Gluten
  • 100% Wholegrain
  • Low fat
  • No Binding Agents
  • Source of fibre
  • Source of iron